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GLITZ promises her customers that you must get the best services here.GLITZ clients can enjoy the below services freely:

*Inquiry Glitz
You can enjoy:
 Speedy reply(within 12hours)
 Professional explaination of the items
 Professional quotation

*Samples Deivery
You can enjoy:
  200g of each color
  Glitter chart
  The samples parcel tracking
*Vsiting GLITZ
You can enjoy:
  Trip tips(wheaher report,flight information etc)
  Hotel reservation if needed
  Show around the factory

*Ordering with GLITZ
You can enjoy:
  Production schedule report
  Pictures of mass production report every 3days
  Videos of mass production report every 5days
  Quality control report before delivery
  Send the mass production samples for your approval


You can enjoy:
   ETA,ETD,T/T report
   Timely documents delivery
*Follow-up Service
You can enjoy:
   Follow up the items using or selling every 5-7days.
   Figure out the problems within 48hours(if problems happen)
   Advise the solution to satisfy you(within 24hours)